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Your posture, your gestures, your faces… your body language says a lot about your personality. And many human behavior analysts use this to reveal the personality traits of people. In this article, we will disclose what your sitting position reveals about your personality:

Position number 1:

They are creative, innovative, attractive and charismatic. Sometimes they can be a bit childish and silly. They regularly complain about something they have said. In addition, they tend to avoid problems in their life.

Position number 2:

These kinds of individuals are visionaries and this implies that they have great creative energy. They are considered the spirit of the group. They keep coming up with new and amazing ideas.

They have to meet new companions and travel around the world. Every Monday or New Years they have another page in their life and they can change their city, state, appearance, business and even their accomplice in a short period of time.

Position number 3:

They are nice. They hate shopping or overspending, but they definitely enjoy choosing the best cream or perfume for them. When it comes to clothes, they are extremely difficult and confusing. These people find it difficult to commit, whether in work or in a relationship.

Position number 4:

These individuals are never late and because of this they hate to wait for others. They are really delicate, intelligent and crafty. They are open minded. They prefer to avoid conflict and keep their feelings to themselves. They can be cool when someone does something wrong.

Position number 5:

They are determined over and over again, which can make them very rigid. They seek to establish their education and career before moving on.

They are stylish and dress very well because for them appearance is very important. However, they hate to be belittled and criticized by others.